KHS Emerald Cyty: Sold to Cameron Karwacki

Oz and Cameron have been partners in crime since Oz was still at his mother’s side.
They are a fantastic team and we are so happy you have found each other, and we can’t wait to watch you grow together.

Cookhie and Caity

KHS On A Dare: Sold to Caity McGean

Caity and Cookhie have become best of friends, so happy that the two of you have found one another.

Can’t wait to see you guys grow together, this pair is great to watch.


Frosted Flicka: Sold to The Sharpe Family

So excited for Flicka finding her Forever home.  One of the sweetest mares around, hope you guys enjoy many years on the trails and many more wonderful show years together.


KHS Jayda Kiss: Sold to Shaylin Sharpe

What an awesome pair.  Shaylin and Kiss have been very sucessful together in the sport horse arena In Hand and Under Saddle with numerous Championships and Top Tens.

This year they are trying out dressage which they are excelling at.  So nice to see you two both growing together.

Can’t wait to see you guys at Nationals!

Rocket Man and Cassidfy Newbold- Aurora Jumping

KHS Rocketman: Sold to The Newbold Family

We are soo excited for this family!  These girls have been at Keno Hills for years, we appreciate there smiles and great attitudes.  Its wonderful to see  Cruze join them in their horse journey.

Can’t wait to see what this talented gelding does for them.

 bob with ribbons084

KHS Born To Be Bad +++/: Sold to Erika Metro

This is a dynamic duo, competing in Sport horse, dressage, over fences, Showmanship and equitation. you will see this pair winning in whatever they try their hand at. Erika Achieved her dreams by competing at Canadian nationals with Bob and even coming home with their first roses! With Bob’s Help she also was awarded region 17 JTR overall high point in 2014. Good luck Bobbio and Erika, you two are great!

Sur's Magnificent Dream and Grace Kruger3

Sur’s Magnificent Dream: Sold to Grace Kruger

If you haven’t seen this pair in the hunter jumper arena yet, you will!  Dream is one of the

most talented hunter jumpers out there, we wish them luck in their future endeavors.



Justifyablee Lace: Sold to the Freeland Family

Wishing Emma and Lace the best of luck in and out of the show ring.  Thank you to

Susan Fyfe for finding this sweetheart for the family.  So far this pair have had nothing but success!


Impresivve: Sold to Arianna Bell

We are very excited to have this huge grey gelding join the Keno show team.  Wishing Arianna

and Charlotte all the success in the western pleasure and side saddle division with him.


Khemo’s Magenta and Jaydes of Autumn: Sold to The Saulnier Family

We are so happy for Autumn and Genna to have found such a wonderful loving family.  These three sisters spend so much quality time together at the barn, we are so happy that our horses are able to be a part of it.  We wish you the best of luck in anything you pursue in the future.


Miss Khangeniality and Kalyn Leatherdale[1]

KHS Miss Khangeniality: Sold to Kalyn Leatherdale

We wish Miss K and Kalyn all the best and success in their upcoming years together.  This

very talented mare will teach you so much and we are happy Miss K has such a loving mom.

KHS Khan Artist aka) Artie and Kasydi Mack

KHS Khan Artist: Sold to Kasydi Mack

Right from the beginning Kasydi and Artie have been an amazing pair.  Kasydi completed the

Surokhan Tournament with him and did a fantastic job with this big beautiful gelding!

A Surkette: Sold to Taylor Roberts

It was love at first site, when Taylor rode Surkette for her first Horsemanship camp she knew he was the one! So many have learned on this awesome horse,

we couldn’t be happier that Surkette has finally found such a wonderful family.

Khanquistador: Sold to Arianna Bell

We are so excited to announce that “Q” was able to make a young girl very very happy on Christmas morning.

Ari I am sure that is one Christmas you will never forget, we wish you and Q the best in Scottsdale

and hope he really is your prince in shining armor!

KHS Triple X: Sold to the proud Mom Jan Carew.

Rex will sadly be leaving KHS, but will have a new loving home in Calgary.

Jan we wish you many great years with “Rex”, we know he has found a special connection with you.

No Khantest: Sold to Emma Freeland

Khantest has won numerous Regional and National wins including Canadian National Champion Working Hunter JTR.

We are excited to see Emma and Khantest in the show ring, this pair is truly exciting to watch.

KHS Frosted Change: Sold to Crystal Sheck

Congratulations to the Sheck Family on the purchase of Frosty.

This family have been supporters of Keno Hills for many years and we look forward to their continued partnership.

 Crystal has had huge success with her previously purchased mare Keno’s Treasure, a 5 time National Champion.

 We wish her continued success with Frosty!

Sur’s Tiny Dancer: Sold to Marsha Friedel

We are very fortunate that Marsha and Tiny have found life long friends in each other.

We hope that they share many years ahead of great company and good trails!

Diamond Coy: Congrats to Heather and her new man …… CODY!

Cody went Reserve Canadian National Champion 2010 in Half Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle.

We are so happy that Cody has found such a loving home and are excited for this duo to hit the show ring!

Kay’s Silhoutte: Sold to Erika Metro

Silly is a very special mare, and shares an undeniable bond with Erika.

Wishing you all the best in the future and in the show arena.

Malikhi: Sold to Alyssa Tomusiak

Malikhi is a very talented hunter jumper/ sport horse.  Excited for this pair’s upcoming show season, good luck guys!

KHS Pioneer Business:  Sold to the wonderful Rasmussen Family

This young filly is a head turner, can’t wait to see her grow up with the Rasmussen Family.

Lissa’s Pride: Sold to Charlotte Rasmussen

Lissa is one of the most gentle mares we have ever come across. We wish Charlotte the best of luck in the future!

Diamonds and Jades: Sold to Brooke Greenwood

Congratulations Brooke we know DJ is a very special mare, we hope you have many great years together

Pension’s Payout: Sold to Katherine Quenneville

Congrats to Katherine on her recent wins with Petie in the 2011 Western Canadian Breeders Championships.

Petie went Champion in Sport Horse in Hand and Reserve Champion Sport Horse under Saddle ATR and  Open.

Sur’s Little Pioneer: Sold to Madison Johnson

We are very excited for Madison to be competing in the Surokhan tournament with her new flashy mare “Pie”!

Forever Lasting Love: Sold to the Johnson Family

A Big Thank You to the Johnson family for many years of support and success.

We are very excited for what the future has to bring!

Sur’s Magic Touch: Sold to Crystal Bruce

We are so happy that Khanga has finally found his forever home!  Wishing you all the best in the future.

Oh What a Feeling: Sold to Jaymie Gregory

Congratulations to Jaymi on her recent purchase of this beautiful mare Ali.

I Can: Congratulations to Natalia Teplova on her purchase of Candy,

wishing you the best of luck in the future.

Khemo’s White Sekhret: Sold to Christie Dudzicz

Christie has spent many hours working “Romeo”, this pair is truly a perfect match!

Celestial Star and Jayde Surprise: Sold to Terri Martin

It is very special to see how Jayde and Star have become part of Terri’s family.

Wishing them all the best in the future in and out of the show ring!

Lady Love: Sold to Kimberely McKee

Kim began her special bond with this mare right from the beginning,

we wish them well in whatever they take on. They really are a great pair!

Just One More Time: Sold to Don Beaudry

“Timmi” really is a sweet and easy going gelding who enjoys hitting the trails with his new Dad!

Don we wish you and Timmi the best of luck with whatever you pursue.