Keno Hills offers people of all ages the opportunity to enjoy horses as part of their birthday celebration! Riders will enjoy games and fun from horseback that can be tailored to you age group and theme. We have a full kitchen, party room and outdoor areas that you can use. The use of these facilities is included in the rider fees.  Make sure to bring your camera to snap some shots with your horse, some of our dogs, cats, pot belly pigs or chickens!

Cost: $30/per rider with a minimal booking of 6.

To book an event or to find out what we can do for you please contact us by phone 780-922-2941 or email:

ALL RIDERS ATTENDING THE PARTIES ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE A WAIVER.  You may print off some copies to send with your invitations and bring with you to the party.

Adult Waiver Child Waiver


Make sure to bring your camera to capture that perfect birthday party, and maybe even some of these critters!!











Giraffe                                                            Yoda                                                                Daisy