Surokhan Tournament

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to train a horse?  At Keno Hills you can stop wondering and start learning.  All lesson clients are invited to participate in the annual Surokhan Tournament.  Participants have the option of working with four levels of horse development:  adopt-a-foal, halter, futurity or maturity.

Provides participants the opportunity to learn what is involved in the pregnancy, birth and raising of a horse including witnessing the birth of the foal.  Prior to the delivery, participants work with the pregnant mare to develop a relationship and gain her trust.  Following the birth, the participants are required to prepare to show their babies in Halter Showmanship and Trail at the year end Final Show.

Participants work with the yearlings (lasts years foals) to continue development of skills required for halter showmanship and trail.  Proper grooming techniques are also taught at this level.

Participants work with a two or three year old horse to continue development skills to prepare the horse for future saddle training.


The culmination of previous years training are demonstrated in Maturity where the competitor is required to compete in halter, junior horse, trail, and jumping.


Throughout the year there will be different interactive events, presentations and good fun!  Come out and meet some new friends and join the Keno family.  Make sure to bring your dancing shoes to the end of the year dinner, dance and award ceremony.